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A step-by-step guide to registering co-occupants on Ejari

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The Dubai government has mandated that all co-occupants of rental or owned residences must be registered by residents. All property owners, property management businesses, renters, and developers are subject to the terms of this Dubai Land Department (DLD) order. Continue reading to find out more about the co-occupant registration procedure in Dubai.

Registration of Co-occupants in Dubai

Unmarried couples were permitted to cohabitate in the UAE after a recent reform in the country’s family rules allowed for the sharing of property by unrelated people. Many people began living in shared housing when the law was changed. The possibility that persons who share a residence may not be Ejari registered has raised some concerns.

The Ejari, or tenancy contracts, in Dubai, will now be updated immediately if you register co-occupants residing in rented or owned premises. This means that in a situation of subletting, everyone’s rights will be upheld.

The process to Register Co-occupants to Ejari in Dubai

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has announced that all co-occupants residing in a residential property for a month or more must register. All information should be added by the primary tenant (whose name is on the Ejari contract).

In Dubai, there are just eight easy procedures to register co-occupants:

  • Open the Dubai REST APP after downloading it. (If you’re a brand-new user, create an account first.)
  • Selecting “Individual,” log in with UAE PASS.
  • Use the UAE PASS app to verify your identity.
  • From the Dashboard, choose the property where you are a tenant.
  • Go to Manage Co-Occupants and click.
  • To add additional co-occupants, click “Add More.”
  • Click “Verify” after entering the co-occupants’ birthdate and Emirates ID.

Include information about everyone residing on the property together. Select the delete icon, then hit submit to remove a co-occupant.

Please remember that:

  • Starting on September 23, 2022, there is a two-week deadline for completing the registration process.
  • Co-occupants (including domestic help) and all other family members must be listed.
  • Residents may register using either their Emirates ID or their Residence Visa Number if the UAE Pass is not available.
  • Co-passengers without Emirates ID may use a current passport number.

What Are the Other Uses of the Rest App?

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