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Investment Budget :

Marketing your property with an experienced brokerage with deep understanding of the local market in order to attract the right buyers is the most essential step in this process. Exclusivity with one agent can also give your property the maximum exposure & better offers rather than over-marketing the listing with multiple brokerages. Once you have identified your broker you will sign an Agency Agreement to onboard you as a client.


Mortgage Finance:

If you are intending to finance the desired purchase ensure that the bank’s preapproval is ready. Remember, a minimum down payment of 20% is required.


Deal with a RERA qualified broker:

Once you find a RERA qualified broker you will need to sign a Buyer Agreement known as Form B to represent you in the transaction negotiations.


Making an offer:

Upon selecting a property that is right for you make an offer.


Putting down a deposit:

If the offer is accepted, you will issue a current dated cheque of 10% of the sales value in the name of the seller which will remain in custody of the Agency until close of transaction and returned upon completion of the transaction.



An individual buyer needs a valid passport & a signed Form B. As a Dubai/UAE registered company a COI, MOA, POA & Board Resolution (where applicable) along with a signed Form B will suffice. For an overseas company, all the above must be attested by the UAE Embassy along with a signed Form B.


Obtain an NOC:

If the selected property is through a re-sale, the seller must obtain an NOC from the developer who built the property. This is to ensure there are no outstanding service charges as on the date of the sale.


“Blocking” the property:

If the seller has an existing mortgage, they will obtain a liability letter from their bank first. Both parties will come to the DLD to “block” the property with the required payment cheques i.e. seller’s bank for outstanding loan amount, the seller, the DLD and the agency.


Transfer of property:

If guide 8 is applicable, on the day of transfer, the 4% DLD transfer fee cheque and cash for the DLD admin fees must be brought (all other cheques are in the custody of the trustee office). If the property is unencumbered, then full payment of the sale value is issued in the form of a Managers Cheque plus 4% DLD transfer fee & cash for DLD admin fee is to be brought. Upon the completion of transfer formalities, you will receive the new title deed along with the keys/access cards to your property



Congratulations! As the new owner, you will need to make sure all utilities are registered under your name prior to occupying the premises. Your trusted broker can assist you in the process.

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