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Now apply for 5 years multi-entry tourist visa in UAE for just Dhs650

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The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security in the UAE has clarified that foreigners abroad of all nationalities can apply directly without a sponsor or intermediary, for a multi-entry tourist visa for a period of 5 years, for a fee of Dhs650 (equivalent to about $177).

The fees include Dhs100 of application fee, Dhs500 visa issuance fees, and Dhs50 for the authority and electronic services.

The application is made through the authority’s website, or the UAEICP smart application.


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The visa is issued to all nationalities for a period of 5 years, without a guarantor, and allows the beneficiary to stay in the country for a continuous period not exceeding 90 days, and it may be extended for a longer period, provided that it does not exceed 180 days per year.

Applying for the service requires 5 steps, namely logging in via the website, filling in the data, attaching the documents required for the issuance of the visa, paying the prescribed fees and evaluating the service, and then receiving the transaction by e-mail.

The customer can also visit the nearest customer happiness centre affiliated to the authority, submit the application fulfilling all the conditions and documents to the customer service employee, pay the service fees, or visit the nearest typing office approved by the authority.

The authorities indicated that there are 5 conditions for obtaining this visa, which are to provide proof of providing a bank balance of $4,000, or its equivalent in foreign currencies within 6 months, a valid health insurance document within the country, a ticket to and from the country, and proof of a place of residence, that is hotel or residence address, a passport valid for a period of no less than 6 months, and a colour photograph of the beneficiary of the visa must be attached.

The authority stressed the importance of reviewing the data submitted for the issuance of the visa, and ensuring that the required documents are attached.

The authorities pointed out that the application would be cancelled electronically, after 30 days due to failure to complete the required documents.

The application will also be cancelled if it is returned 3 times, due to incorrect data or failure to complete the required documents, emphasizing that when the application is returned to complete its data and not processed on the day it was sent, the violator will incur an additional fine, with a difference of days from the date of resending the application again, and the issuance of the issuance fee will be refunded only, in the event that the authority rejects the application.

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